2003 HONDA S2000

An S2K like no other

The Truth About Body Kits

Recreateing an Import Legend

When it comes to bodykits, there is one thing they all have in common and that’s the simple fact that they all need tweaking. Some need to have the mounting holes adjusted, some need major refabrication and most all kits need some sort of body work. Of course this is all dependent on who manufactures the kit. 

There is a huge misconception that you can simply but an aftermarket part, have it painted and installed but if you’re chasing a factory fit and finish then you definitely want to deal with a body shop that will not only educate you but fix the problems at hand. Take for instance this Honda S2000. The car came with a body kit that had been pre-installed by another shop. The lines were off, the fitmet around the headlights was poor, and fiberglass kit itself was very thin. To correct these problems, we had to modify the brackets, add layers of fiberglass to strengthen the ridgity of the kit, and we even had to section and splice parts of the kit to make it fit correctly. In addition, we shaved all rivet holes for a blind-bolt installation for a more refined look.

This tedious process not only made for excellent fitment, but helped give it that mirror-like reflection and perfect shine. At Bee’s Custom Garage we take great pride the quality of our work while also educating our customers on what to look for and what to avoid.